Louis Pino - Percussionist // Composer // Technologist


Louis Pino is a percussionist / composer / technologist in Toronto, Ontario


Music is one of the few forces that can tie together the old and the new. Groundbreaking machines and centuries of instrumental development have been used to expand the timbral and physical possibilities of music making, yet still in pursuit of creating one of the oldest feelings mankind felt, the raw power of vibrations in rhythm, harmony, and sound.


Louis Pino is a percussionist and composer based in Toronto, Ontario. His areas of artistic interest include contemporary concert music incorporating theatrical and electronic elements, pop, hip-hop, samba, opera, composed theater, dance, film, and so on. Pino’s varied interests and abilities have brought him to participate in various projects such as a documentary of Steve Reich’s Drumming with Russell Hartenberger, various creative collaborations with the Oberlin Dance Department, performances with Toronto’s TorQ percussion quartet, and the opportunity to develop musical and theatrical works with the prototype MUGICTM motion sensor along with Mari Kimura and Chris Dobrian of UC Irvine’s ICIT program. In the summer of 2019, Pino will be touring Canada and Spain with the National Youth Orchestra of Canada as an Award of Excellence fellow. Awards presented to Pino for musical achievement include the Percussive Arts Society Venus and Val Eddy Scholarship, Avedis and Armand Zildjian Percussion Scholarship, and Juilliard Pre-College Commencement Award. Pino received a Bachelors of Music from Oberlin Conservatory, studying percussion with Michael Rosen and electronic music with Aurie Hsu and Joo Won Park. He is currently a Masters student at the University of Toronto, studying percussion with Aiyun Huang, Beverly Johnston, John Rudolph, and Charles Settle.


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